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Give the Gift of Organization!

December 10, 2010

So often I hear feedback from my clients, “My best friend could really use your services.” “My husband needs your services at his office!” “I have a family member who has expressed an interest in your services, but cost may be an issue; can I buy them a gift certificate for your services?”

The other thing I hear is, “I know you helped to organize my friend. I’d rather have a gift certificate for your services more than anything!SANTA BABY, HERE’S YOUR CUE! 

The Holiday Season is upon us! In these economic times, consumers are looking for interesting, helpful, and wise purchases for their gift recipients.

Rather than buying a gift that may become yet more clutter in someone’s space, consider giving one that will relieve stress and take away the feeling of overwhelm.

  • Instead of making a trip to the mall and dealing with crowds and long lines, why not give something that is functional and useful?
  •  Inspire family, friends, and loved ones to organize their living areas, working areas, spaces, and lives! Give the Gift of Organization!
  • Contact me and we will personalize a Gift Certificate!  

Helpful Guidelines on Giving the Gift – Thoughts from The Organizer

Now that I’ve made the suggestion of giving the Gift of Organization, I do feel the need to share some helpful tips on giving a gift such as this:

  • Folks who look like they could use the services of a professional organizer might be perfectly happy with their current state of affairs. Or they might not be quite ready to think about decluttering. They could be insulted by the suggestion, which is an awful reaction to a gift.
  • It’s not unlike giving someone who needs to lose a few pounds or firm up a bit a gift certificate to a gym. If the gift recipient has been dying to join a gym but just can’t afford it, the gift will likely be received with great enthusiasm (particularly if the gift giver has gone out of his or her way to find just the right gym). However, if that gym membership might be received with a “Are you saying I’m fat?” response from your recipient, think well before giving.
  • If your friend or family member has expressed out load they are ready for change and would love to have some help, then they are the perfect candidate for a gift certificate for organizing.

The Gift of Organization IS truly a gift, but if you want your gift to be received well, and to truly be helpful, be certain it will be welcomed with open arms.


Tax Time Shouldn’t be Taxing!

April 13, 2010

Keeping orderly records for tax-filing purposes is perhaps just as important as making sure you claim the appropriate tax credit, deduction, or filing status. Without the right paperwork, tax filers could miss out on important money-saving benefits. For example, the credit for first-time homebuyers has been extended, and even increased a bit from 2008. It can now be up to a maximum of $8,000 for the 2009 tax season. But be careful, good documentation is required to take full advantage of this deduction.

There are many tax incentives for businesses, as well. But if you don’t have your paperwork and records in order, likely you will be missing out. You work hard for your money. Make certain you make time to put in place a really good system for filing, maintaining, and staying on top of all your paper tasks. If you don’t have one, help is a phone call or email away – your Professional Organizer can help!