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5 Must Haves for Your Kid’s Dorm Room

August 14, 2010

Whether you and your spouse are crying on one another’s shoulder or HIGH-FIVING behind Junior’s back, one way or another, you’ve got to embrace reality. Your baby is going off to college. It seems like just yesterday you just brought him home. My sister has always said she believes “the terrible teen years” are God’s way of preparing parents’ hearts so they don’t literally break when kids DO go off to college.

Face it, your kiddo needs to be ready for this new phase of life. Hopefully you’ve been doing much of the groundwork over the past 18 years, instilling morals and values. The rest is reminders and lists and such. One lesson I learned from my two and the entire process — don’t try to get TOO involved NOW (which was hard for me as a hands-on, generally organized Mom). Now is a time for them to work with their new roommate(s) on some problem-solving, explore their new environments, learn new rules and regs, and test their wings.

That said, I’m sure Junior won’t mind you helping him to “GEEK-UP HIS DORM ROOM” with some of the latest technology available as seen on CBS Early Show this morning:
5 Gadgets to Geek-Up Your Kid’s Dorm

If your student needs a little help, but perhaps is not particularly open to listening to Mom or Dad at this time in his life, consider working with a skilled Professional Organizer during this transition to provide him with all the tools he needs to get a good start!