Tools for Time Management

When our kiddos were in middle school, the house we lived in only had 2 bathrooms. Grooming had become a VERY important part of the morning routine for our daughter and son, then in middle school. Many a morning dispute arose over who had been in the bathroom too long. I quickly found a simple solution!  

Egg Timer

Egg Timer


A few weeks later, my sister was visiting. I was in the kitchen when I heard her laughing and calling to me from the hallway. “Sis, please tell me what an egg timer is doing in your bathroom!” I explained that when that timer “dinged,” each child knew their time was up: no arguing with one another; no arguing with me; the timer helped by giving an AUDIBLE BOUNDARY

More than ever today, people get lost in the amount of time they spend on projects. Clients and colleagues as well, admit they intended only to check their email, ended up logging onto FaceBook, which then led to someone’s (then) interesting blog, and suddenly, they find they wasted almost their entire morning. 

At National Conference this spring in Ohio, one of my product favs was the Time Timer. Their tag line is “Make Every Moment Count.” The abstract concept of elapsed time is easy to see and understand with their graphic depiction. This tool allows users to manage time more effectively in meetings, classrooms, therapy sessions, testing venues, at home and any other activities which require limits be set. There are different types of tools to fit any type of user: Some the size of a small alarm clock, large visuals for education, wrist watches, software apps for your computer and iphone — endless possibilities. 

Time Timer


Whether you choose a simple egg or kitchen timer or one of the many options that Time Timer has to offer, I challenge you to use a timer for just 1 week. SEE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY SOAR! 


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5 Responses to “Tools for Time Management”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more when you said, “More than ever today, people get lost in the amount of time they spend on projects.” I manage these distractions by using a kitchen timer, just like you suggested, only I use an online one ( Having used a timer for productivity purposes for some time, I think your article is spot on.

    All the best,

  2. Sarah Says:

    I’ve written a post about different time management techniques, including the Pomodoro Technique, which is a technique that involves a timer too. Check it out.

    • Kat Jacoby, Divine Organization Says:

      Thanks, Sarah! I recently learned about the Pomodoro approach. Fabulous! The best thing about social media for me: sharing — information, ideas, different approaches — sometimes it’s like being able to bring like-minds into your own home office (or ’round the kitchen table) and gather them around a white board to brain-storm ideas!

  3. Vicky D Says:

    Fly Lady! Fly! Little jobs accomplished bit by bit will get you to the end of your major obstacle! Vicky

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