Best back to school organizing tip?

Back to school means shopping of all kinds. Kiddos grow fast and that can mean a variety of new purchases will be made some time in late summer to prepare for the school year. Clothes and shoes from the prior year have been outgrown.

Typically, new backpacks, lunch bags or boxes, and school supplies must also be purchased. Depending on the number of students, this can make for quite a few shopping bags arriving into the family home. Before attempting to put any new purchases away, ALWAYS remember the ONE-IN / ONE-OUT RULE. For every new item purchased, one old one must go out! Before putting away those 4 new pairs of jeans and 1 pair of khakis for young Parker, Mom and Dad, remember to make certain that a total of 5 pairs of pants go OUT!


  • can be handed down to a smaller sibling
  • can be given to a younger or smaller family or friend
  • can be donated
  • or if they are really stained, soiled  or torn, simply thrown away

When young Parker has less clothing clutter to sort through and his room and clothing storage is kept simpler, he will be more likely to engage in the process of getting himself dressed and ready for school.

Happy, calm mornings result in better relationships between parent and child. Parker is off to a good start and ready to be an engaging student!

Mom and Dad, remember to apply this ONE-IN / ONE-OUT rule to your own purchases as well, throughout the year!


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