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Confessions of an Organizer

June 12, 2009

Prior to Memorial Day weekend, I was scrambling about, preparing for company. Two beloved couples, Roy & Patsy Cutsinger and Steve & Liz Wendel were coming to the ranch for an overnight visit. I was making tremendous progress with my decluttering efforts, with a little help from my husband, when I stopped and said, “Gosh, I hadn’t realized our home had gotten so cluttered.” He replied, “Well, Puddin, . . . ” and then muttered something else under his breath about cobbler’s children and their shoes.

The lump on his forehead is getting better with each passing day (just joking). Truthfully, his words really stung.

In the remaining hours of that day, I continued my decluttering efforts. As I did so, I tried to reflect on how it had gotten this out of control in my own space. After all, I’m a Professional Organizer for a living. I help other people all the time. I had just written another press article on HOW to declutter — targeted to folks who want to do it on a DIY basis. Again,so how did it happen to me that my space got cluttered?

I’m human, that’s how! Why am I sharing all this with you? I’m doing so because I want you to understand that it happens to all of us, despite best efforts.

Life, well it just happens

This is how some of it came to be for me in the last few months:

  • Last October our daughter took a teaching job abroad, moving from Austin to South Korea.  A few boxes came home on a “temporary” basis (in addition to the ones that never left when both kids moved on to college). Oh, did I mention she got married? We all know that love is unpredictable. Once she settled in with her new job, love found her. She is now Casey Kim and likely those boxes will be stored more long-term.  That accounts for a little of the clutter.
  • Then, in January we moved my precious mother-in-law who is 95 to a retirement center. You always know in the back of your mind you may need to do this, however, this particular move came on with great urgency, with no time to plan.  With that move came literally over a century (her lifetime and those before her) of pictures / memorabilia / history / antiques to be dealt with (somehow that fell under my job description).
  • Then about 6 weeks ago, a storm (some believe a tornado) hit our area of the county. Fortunately, our home was mostly spared, but sheds, barn and other buildings weren’t, and it seems like it has taken every spare moment of our time to clear damage on the ranch. This will likely be our “hobby” for the next year.

All of these things I’ve listed here are what organizing expert and author, Julie Morgenstern, defines as “external realities.”  External realities are obstacles which may be holding us back from getting organized, despite our best efforts. They are essentially transitions or changes of various kinds (either positive or negative or perhaps some of both) which cause changes in life as we know it.

What does this mean for you? Knowing what it’s like to deal with clutter on a personal level allows us to be sympathetic and empathetic to the effort it takes to make a change in your space and in your life. We are prepared to get in the trenches of disorganization with you, while keeping a strong foothold on the training and sound organizing principles we know and rely on.

Our commitment to you:

  • we have training and experience
  • we have tips, tools, and countless resources
  • we seek continuing education and attend conferences in order to be “in the know” about the newest organizing solutions available
  • we are able to resource with over 4,200 other Professional Organizers world-wide through an email chat service to share and exchange knowledge and organizing solutions
  • we give impeccable service and are committed to helping our clients through the organizing process

You may not need us today or tomorrow, but when you think of getting organized, think Divine Organization.

peaceful order where you live and work,

Kat Jacoby

Divine Organization